Passep'Orres 6 days

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The Passep'Orres 6 days gives you unlimited access (subject to availability ) to the following activities :
- Swimming pool
- Ice rink (exept night opening)
- Tennis
- Cinema
- Lifts (Pousterle and Prelongis) - pedestrians only
- Mutisports fields and games
+ 5 runs of the Orrian express rail sledge

The Passep’Orres includes reductions of 10 to 18% at all partner providers (list of reductions and partners on,within the limits of the conditions described in the information carriers and weather conditions.
Passep’Orres does not guarantee the availability of the listed activities.
It is good to inquire prior to purchase, or even to book.
The Passep’Orres does not include the availability or access to any entertainment offered by the sites.

Prior to each activity, the holder must present their Passep’Orres to the terminals or to the service provider, accompanied by their identity card if requested. Passep’Orres is not a fast-track ticket.
The Passep’Orres is valid for 6 days from the date mentioned by the seller on the pass.
If the Passep’Orres has not been used within this period, SEMLORE will not issue any refund.

Purchasing the pass implies full and unreserved acceptance of the customer's general terms and conditions of sale.partner-seller and the general conditions of use of Passep’Orres.
The general conditions of use are accessible at any time on the website